Dust Tactics – Final Painting Push. 

The final few troops have now been painted so that they can feature in my next Dust Tactics game.  That game is now 3 weeks behind as work is proving hard to avoid and getting in the way of our planned session.  Missing the game has allowed me to get more done though so I now have no excuse not to field a strong infantry force.

The last full unit I painted are these grim looking Sturmpioniere.  Slightly orange tones to their shoulders and a simple picking out of metal and leather were all they needed as they have no flesh on show with those gas masks.

The last 2 men were conversions, as I needed a couple of men to become observers for my medium artillery walkers. A second set of observers will allow me to target 2 different areas with my artillery instead of deploying them in the wrong place and watching them die as they run to where I really needed them…

I may get some more done in the next few weeks but the next new thing looms over us…

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