Tea And Sandwiches Will Be Served In The Pavilion (Eventually). 

Salute recently provided a shopping opportunity for me and I picked up some of the bits that I had been looking at for a few months now.  Warbases again featured heavily in these purchases.

I usually find their items easy to construct and go together without any problems or fuss.  Their cricket pavilion however is more fiddly than a lot of their stuff.  Clamps and rubber bands are the best friends one can have with MDF buildings.  A touch of ingenuity is also essential as these come without instructions.

Simple buildings when they are finished but that roof has 10 parts inside it…

The best moment for me was when I discovered the cricket screen in the pack.  I had not realised that this was in the pack but love the idea that the screen is included too.  I never expected to want one of these for the game table, but I am very happy to have one now.

So much so that it got finished first in readiness for our up coming Dust game.

Warbases now also provide some alternate wall sections for their Mill Wall set. These railings come in 3 styles of pointy or round iron.  At a pound each adding a few new wall sections does not break the bank.

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