Horizon Wars – A Decision To Start Again.

Never one to shy away from more work, and despite having about 3 kilos of epic scale miniatures and tanks, I have decided to start a new Horizon Wars force using some miniatures from a kickstarter that I backed but had no purpose for at the time.

I got these lovely items from the Oathsworn Miniatures – Heavy Robot kickstarter.  Sadly the range is no longer in print and Oathsworn are focusing on other interesting projects. The Robot kickstarter sent me one robot and some small robot drones.  Two tank style and four flyers.

In 28mm scale they are nice little robot drones.

In 6mm scale they are a Heavy Mech, two small tanks and four fighter aircraft.

After digging out my old unpainted sprues of Epic scale Space Marines, I have come up with enough bases of infantry to cover all my needs.

Now all I need to do is slap on some paint and base them up ready for a game…

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