Horizon Wars – Swift Progress

So now I have a Horizon Wars force up and running, I need to get them ready. Coronasan has already started his new 6mm force and that army grows daily with a heavy focus on armoured vehicles.

I still don’t have a generic system for basing armies and usually I chose a new style for each army I start.  This time I have decided on a rocky effect. I have used the basing material, brown gravel from army painter, before and it works well.  Once I started though, I realised that the rocks, although small on 28mm bases, are much larger on 6mm bases than I expected…

Also, I should have based them last as the white undercoat I have used means I now need to do an awful lot of extra work.  First by painting around the tiny infantry feet on about 30 bases and then dry brushing them to bring out the details on each one too.

One quick way of detailing so many small miniatures is a heavy black wash.  And with Star Wars back in the public eye the black and white storm trooper effect is a nice finish to get me started.

I will be basing up the Mech and the infantry but not the fliers or tanks at this time.

An impromptu set of painting mounts lets me ink wash the tanks and small flyers as well as this large repainted MechWarrior miniature.  This large flyer, which should be used in a 10-15mm game, will be used as a fighter bomber or transport.

The painting will continue over the next few days so updates should be coming fairly regularly over the next little while…

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