Campaign 2016

I have again had the pleasure of attending a wargames show run by one of our local game groups.

Campaign 2016 was held in Milton Keynes shopping centre again and, although small, is a good show that I try to attend every year if I have the chance.

It is an opportunity to support a local group and also a number of local traders.  Products For Wargamers is an internet seller and show trader from Milton Keynes.  Jim sells a wide and expanding range of items. As my 6mm army is now nearly finished I picked up a couple of his smaller trees, as a couple more will be useful for our planned 6mm games.

He also had a deal on fences and walls so I picked up some more railings.

They fit in nicely with my Warbases stuff but I may want to drybrush them with a bit of silver to help them fit in better.

His wall ranges also include some more modern, almost Sci-Fi looking, walls that should fit in with my DeadZone scenery.

All this lot came in at under £2 a piece.  A good deal for ready made scenery.

The only miniatures I came home with were these SHQ Victorians.  They are based on the Flashman stories, and as I have a cricket pavilion on the painting table, a chap in cricket pads was a must.

A good show, if quite small, and well worth a visit if you are nearby.


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