Horizon Wars – Last Unit Completed And First Game Planned. 

So, with all the infantry and vehicles now done, only the last and by far the largest, unit is left.

This started life as a blue and green MechWarrior flyer that had languished in my broken bits box for the last few years.

After a quick repaint, and an even quicker rummage to locate a new flight stand (which was why it was in my broken bits box), this is now a 6mm heavy air transporter.  Only decals to do and then I can varnish the whole army and call things ready for our first game.

As that first game is planned for next week, I have been trying out some of the scenery I have.  We are planning a 9 or 12 point game to get to know the basic rules and mechanics.

As such a 2×4 or 4×4 feet table, with very basic scenery, should do fine.  We want to focus on the rules primarily for our first game, as Horizon Wars has some interesting new concepts in regard to movement and fire fights.   It’s nice to see a game designer with the confidence to take a risk, by launching a game with new mechanics, instead of just mixing and matching some of the old faithful concepts.

Next up, my new army in all its glory…

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