Suitable Reading Matter For A Holiday

Osprey have published a huge range of books over the years, on a wide number of topics.  Recently I discovered that they also do alternate histories as well.  Their Osprey Adventures range is, I suppose, aimed at RPG players and people who may be hoping to expand and flesh out the themes for their games. Whatever their purpose, this book was right up my ally, so to speak. A jolly good read it is as well.

As my Steam Wars Naval Force is nearing its completion, I have been looking for a new project and have dabbled with the idea of a Martian invasion force.  This book is just the sort of reference material for that project.  Martian invaders, tripod war machines, harvester machines, mind controlled servitors and human slaves.

Heat rays and black smoke launchers are just an added bonus after all that.

Now, if I can just get hold of some cheap tripods…

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