Horizon Wars – First Fully Finished Force. 

So, I now have a nice new Horizon Wars force all ready to go.  Newly varnished and ready for a game, that will probably have been played by the time you read this post.

30 units in total and definitely the quickest army I have ever painted. I will be expanding it further as, although I want to field primarily infantry forces, I do want a wider range of vehicle units to choose from.

I have almost every troop type covered at this point, with only one unit not represented.  I have a bucket load of old armoured artillery pieces in the Epic boxes but none that capture the feel of this force.  That will likely be my first upgrade to this force but I am in no hurry at this point.

So, what have we here?

The Heavy Mech will likely be fielded in every game I play, initially at least.  When we get to know the rules I may vary it’s size and stats a little but to me it will remain an assault framed Mech with that beefy claw and short barrelled weapon.

These two tanks are the only tracked units in the force so far.  I am thinking they could be Heavy or Light Cav at the moment.

These infantry support walkers are too small to be classed as a Light Mech so I will field them as Light or Heavy Cav for now.

Recon units offer guided fire for my artillery units (not that I have any Armoured Arty yet…) I wont be trying them out in the first game, as I suspect it will be our larger games that will benefit from these guys abilities.

Heavy Infantry. I did 4 of these guys as they seem to be overly cheap when combined with a Heavy Cav HQ. If I am playing infantry heavy I may need to have a few of these boys to combat enemy armour.

I made up 2 dedicated units of CHQ.  One using a Light Infantry figure and one with a Heavy Infantryman. This should offer me a couple of options when army building.

Airborne troops were a dilemma for me.  In the end I decided to represent their deep deployment ability with jump packs.  I could use them as Mobile infantry but think Airborne fits better.

Mobile infantry was also a sticking point.  I thought I might go with Transports and Troops on the same base, but disregarded that early on, as it might look odd along side the other units.  Therefore, I decided to go with bike mounted troops.  This would fit both the army, and the theme of infantry without the ability to dig-in.

Light Artillery could be field guns or troop carried AT/HE armaments. I went with the latter as I don’t have any field gun figures…

Special Forces should be armed and ready for any eventuality. A base with a mix of weapons and men fits nicely for this role.

Light Infantry get all the difficult jobs and I can see me possibly having to get a few extra bases made up. If I want them to be effective as a core unit choice for an infantry heavy force and large numbers of them may be required to make that effective in the end.

I know that transport airframes are an option in the game, but I don’t see clearly yet how or if that will benefit the my force.  This big flier will be a Heavy Aircraft with the hover ability to start with.

A small flight of Light Aircraft (again with the hover ability) will be useful. I don’t know if 4 will be a little excessive as yet, but we will see.

Overall a nice varied force with plenty of playability and variance.   Some room for expansion, especially in the form of Armoured Artillery, but a great start.  If all goes well I will get them in a game before the week is out.  Here’s hoping.

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