Dust Tactics – Decal Dilemas  

A while back I finished the Flack version of my Heavy Axis Walker for Dust Tactics.


The heavy anti-tank guns for this vehicle have then sat on my paint table for the last few months, in a half finished state.  Barrels were done, the breaches and ammo loaders were not…

They are now though.  One small problem however, is that when I varnished them, using my usual spray, some of the decals blistered and have partially lifted.  I wouldn’t have minded if the whole decal lifted, but as the remainder is under varnish in this case I cant get it off without damaging the paintwork…

Do I just leave it and call it weathering?

Either way this is a huge beast of a walker.  Especially when compared to the tiny tank in the photo (one of my Horizon wars figures managed to photobomb the first shot, the walker is so big it hid the little guy…)

Overall I like the look of this brute.  In the end I wont probably do anything with the damaged decals, so from here on in we shall state for the record that it was done on purpose, to depict battle scaring from a hard life…


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