Painting Table Quickies

I have had a bit of time to tidy things up in the shed lately.  While packing a few things away, and moving other things about, I have been reminded about a few items that needed a little finishing off and some other bits that have been in the painting queue for what seems like forever.

My small collection of Napoleonic miniatures have been used occasionally to proxy in as AWI and FIW forces in games like Muskets and Tomahawks or Donnybrook.

They have been half based at best for the last 3 years.  Of those that were based they were oh so simply done that it is almost embarrassing that I hadn’t finish the others.

A couple of other Napoleonic figures, bought ready painted from eBay, were originally gloss varnished. So these were in need of dulling down a bit.

A quick base or two later and a coat of matt varnish and a long overdue job was done.

Then there was the boat…

This small resin boat was given to me by a friend (I wonder if he even recalls it himself) about 4 years ago.  Its moved about in the shed from the back of a shelf, to the painting queue, to a box of bits, to my drawer of potential Steam Wars miniatures and finally onto the top of my new painting bureau. Each move seemed to get it no closer to being finished.  It did get undercoated at some point but even that did nothing to speed its progress along.

Now, however, it is finished!  and it took about half an hour to do (and that probably included the drying time for the strong tone wash it got to pick out the grain in the wood…)  All in all its the little jobs like this that give me that nice sense of achievement. God knows why it has taken me so long to complete it. Bugger knows what I will use it for either, but at least it is done now, and it can stop staring at me from the back of the shed.

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