Horizon Wars – Reworking Rules – Tiny Wars

The games of Horizon Wars that we have been playing recently have been a lot of fun.  Lots of bits of the game appeal to me.  The fist full of d12s and the range to targets modifying the ‘to hit’ value, used in the shooting mechanism, are really nice departures from the usual games of roll to hit and roll to wound.

It has just not felt ‘right’ to me to have one tank, or stand of troopers, on the table to represent the unit.  This does not detract from the game, and its obvious success is shown by the following it has developed on the Facebook page (likely driven by Robey’s presence there on what seems like an hourly basis).  Full marks to Robey for this fine system and what looks to be a growing collection of supplements on the Precinct Omega web page.

What I hanker for is a small scale skirmish game where forces are based on units of 3-4 stands or models and makes the battlefield feel more populated than Horizon Wars does at the moment.  If I fielded the army below in Horizon Wars I fear that the required record keeping would slow the game down too much and we would lose the fast play feel we like.

As a result of that nagging feeling, I have decided to stop my whinging and turn my thoughts towards being more productive.  I plan to either make Horizon Wars fit my own specific needs, or to write a new set of 6mm rules that captures some of the essence of what Horizon Wars has sparked in us lately.

So, over the next few weeks (more likely months or years) I will start to put a new version together.  Still keeping with the economical and simplistic aims of the original game but that feels more ‘right’ to me somehow.

The new game will be – Tiny Wars (and will likely never see the light of day). Well, maybe…


One thought on “Horizon Wars – Reworking Rules – Tiny Wars”

  1. Hmm…

    A nice little design puzzle, that. The real challenge is the damage/attrition mechanic that would be hard to track. Probably easiest to dump that in favour of a simple “wounds” mechanic, so that a single stand has X wounds and that many hits will kill it. Crits count as two hits.

    Then do some sort of subordinate system, so individual stands must stay within X” of a nominated command stand. Each platoon or troop might get only two actions per turn, but all the stands move and fight at the same time. Only one stand gets to shoot, but gains +1 F for every other stand in the platoon/troop.

    Something like that?


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