Finally, an update…

Nothing since July. No new postings at all. I suppose an excuse is required, or at least a reason for being so lax.

I guess it has something to do with my current changes in workload (real work sadly, not shed work). It is also down to a laptop change (I cannot easily update the blog on my trusty old iPad).  The new laptop is useless I have to say.

I have to say though, the main reason for the lack of content is my generally jaded mind set of late.  It not only seems to have slowed my posting rate (maybe calling it a slowing is an understatement) but has also slowed my activities in the shed.

I noticed my views are not dropping off too badly even when I don’t post new content…  I even have a couple of new followers without adding anything for nearly 6 months… This activity has prompted me to revisit the blog today.

I am getting a few games played but not getting much painting or building done.  So… I am going to try to bump myself out of the rut I appear to be in, and get a few projects finished.  That should give me some quick successes and make me feel more positive about things.

This blog was initially started to help me motivate my activities and it has worked for the most part, so lets see if restarting the posting can make that happen again.

Lets see what happens!

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