Looking Back At Some Unnoticed Successes. The Town Has A Touch More Colour. 

Looking back over the year I have got more done than I thought.  My MDF buildings got a lick of paint (well, ink anyway).

These buildings (mostly from Sarissa Precision’s city block range) have been used in a majority of games but have never been finished off.  Mostly because the base material colour was almost a match for the sandstone fronted blocks they represent.

The bases and backs have always been in need of a touch more colour though.  A couple of balconies (or fire escapes) add to their versatility (and make them a pain to pack away again).

In fact I went all out and bought 2 types of fire escapes and a smattering of other items at the same time (It was at the Derby wargames day I think).

A second storey for the corner shop added another level of height to the table.

And all of a sudden we were playing on a number of height levels (lots of escape routes and sniper perches were to be had).

Main street had taken on a little more colour and looked all the better for it…

The corner shop was upgraded with its extra floor and fire escapes to…

…The ‘Grand Hotel’. With its smaller side door soon to become the entrance to ‘Bobs Barbers’ when a small barbers shop striped pole I bought turns up.

Two subway entrances (yes two – if you go down one you have to come up another or it looks like you got lost…) were added to the collection this year.

Council green and grey paint job and signage done

Some small portable toilets (unlikely to be seen in a Victorian town but I liked them so I bought them…)

Warbases curb stones and paths were painted and rebased to hold their positions better and tie in with the newly painted city blocks.

All in all its come together quite nicely.  Shame I didn’t realise how much I had really got done.  Feeling less like I wasted so much of my time this year now…

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