The To Do List – Scrapped

So in the post Xmas lull I have finally managed to get into the shed and put some work in.  However, what I did manage to get done was nothing from the planned ‘To Do List’

Xmas brought its own distractions and as I was a good boy all year Santa (also known as Coronasan)  brought me this rather fine and official looking library.  Made by TTcombat its a solid and surprisingly detailed building to add to the ever growing town.

Currently it sits half made as I plan to paint some of the more intricate parts before stocking them on this time. If the weather would just dry up slightly while I am not at work I could get a couple of base coats on it.

With imposing steps and even bookshelves for use inside its going to be a good addition to the set.

It does prove that I cannot keep to any plans, however well meaning they are.  So rather than beat myself up about not getting the list complete I have decided to just get on and do what comes to hand (just like always) who knows what will get picked up and started next…


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