Other Unplanned Stuff Done – The Rogue Stars Distraction

As expected our gaze and gaming focus has been drawn in a new direction again.  Osprey have released Rogue Stars (some might say finally). After a long build up and some delayed publishing dates the book was released before Xmas and then promptly stolen from me by the beloved great lady so that it could be given back to me covered in glittery paper.  Xmas traditions can be great and frustrating at the same time.

This time before our first game I have managed to get some painting done to flesh out the old Sci-fi scenery in the shed.  Some freestanding MDF stairways add a little extra access to some of the industrial buildings and my older Deadzone scenery that I have.

The Deadzone stuff makes up the majority of my Sci-fi scenery but its a good mix of heights and allows easy figure placement so I can’t fault it at all. Mantic have hit on a winner here I believe.

A simple paintjob was all it got a couple of years ago but even that was enough to get it looking good.

I have now read the rules and picked out my first figures for a 4 man crew of bounty hunters.  More of the Sci-fi scenery is on the painting table so should be finished up and on show here soon too.

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