Town Has A Couple Of New Additions

As I have been avoiding painting to some degree, and building a few kits and models to pass the time, I thought I would try to get the last of the MDF buildings I own up and finished.  If I am honest, painting this one would be easy as it is only likely to get a couple of ink washes and details done, so no spraying would be involved.

A good supply of wood glue and rubber bands however, are a must with these kits in my opinion.

Sarissa Precision have expanded their City Block range greatly since I bought their first Residential buildings.  These now include their large Corner store and some new Terraced shop fronts.

The one above is a nice example of what can be done with MDF and contrasts well with the earlier buildings. You can see how the company have begun to add more detail to the buildings since their first few designs.

My corner store was refitted late last year as a hotel with a nice prominent sign. However, its internal layout meant I had a small stair and entrance that was not part of the larger building.  In my mind this had to have a reason for being there.  So I scoured the web for shop signs and good ideas.

In the end I found a supplier of pin badges of all things! They sold me a barbers pole badge in about the right size for this scale.

Hence forth this small corner of the corner store hotel will be known as ‘The corner store hotel barbers’

Well, until I can think of a real name for it.

Looks good to me anyway…

Now, I just need to paint up that store front and we are done!

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