More Shiney Robots, From Mars…

While I was painting lots of robots up (Terminator Endoskeletons) I managed to finish up a few more mechanical men.  This time it was some of the Spartan Games Covenant Of Antarctica Automata.  These guys are multipart metal figures with separate legs, arms, heads and bodies.  In fact they come in so many parts that they take 7 hands and 2 toes to hold together while you try to get some super glue activator spray on them using your chin.

If you don’t believe me ask anyone else who has put some together.  Only fool hardy folks buy a second or third box of these chaps…

Easy enough to paint without too much effort.  But by the time I had them together and painted I had had about as much as I could take of silver coloured men.  Again the bases were done in red Martian cracked earth which means they will become part of my Martian Steam Wars army.  They may also be used in Rogue Stars as that Sci-fi look would fit both games.

These 2 squads of 5 robots brings my Martian robot total up to a rather surprising, 6 squads of armed robots, and I hadn’t even noticed that I had started a new army.

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