Distracted By Treasure – A Pirate Tale

Before Xmas Coronasan and I were discussing genres that we have not used recently.  We have played a few games of Fantasy, Sci-fi, Weird World War and Modern conflicts as well as plenty of Steam Wars.  Its been a while since we played any Pirate or Western (Cowboy) games.

So to set that straight we planned for a few games based, at first, on that wonderful world of Pirates…  We own between us a number of rule sets including: ‘Legends Of The High Seas’ by Warhammer Historical, and the Osprey rule set ‘On The Seven Seas’.

We also each have a copy of Cutlass! by Black Scorpion.  This is a Skirmish game that works well with just a handful of miniatures so would be a good start point for us to get back into the pirate spirit with.

We both have enough pirates to play most of these games (which was one reason we decided to play). It was hoped that by playing with these figures we would not be distracted from our other projects.

As ever that didn’t happen.  I still managed to find a few unpainted fellows that would benefit from a little attention.  3 men and their cannon had languished, alone in a drawer, for the last few years so were snatched up and quickly painted up to get them ready for duty.

I am always amazed by the difference a coat of dark tone wash has to my figures.  Hiding my poor painting and my even poorer colour choices 🙂

Picking out details that I hadn’t even seen.

For some reason I had based my older pirates using an odd mix of colours and materials so did my best to replicate that look.

Like I said, I don’t know why they got based this way…  But I now don’t own any unpainted pirates. If only I could say that for some of the other genres…

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