New Shop Open For Business, Almost!

So, the little shop I added to the collection has now had some attention.  Its had the usual paint job of artist inks and black sprayed roof.  This matches the other Sarissa Precision CityBlock buildings in the town so will look nice next to them on a table.

Oddly we are not playing games that feature these buildings (pirates tend not to frequent the shops in my Victorianesque town) so I guess it will have to wait a while before it gets used in a game.

I have not given it a sign as yet. Not quite sure what shop type it will eventually become.

I have added a white front that can be repainted as required if I ever make up my mind.

The awning helps to make it more generic (and hides the actual shop sign anyway).  I have pondered adding a decorated/ scroll work sign to the awning itself, but am confident that I have NOT got the skill to do this by hand.

Related imageRelated image

Something like the above would be nice with a brand or name like ‘Miggins Fine Sausages’ (just an example)…

Not sure how to do this yet, but those fine fellows at The Lead Adventure Forum have been helpful with a number of ideas.  I have taken some of that advice and now have, on order, a sheet of waterslide printer paper.  When I finalise a design, I will try printing it out and apply it.  It has been suggested that a satin or matt sealing spray will hide the more glossy look of the decal and help it blend in.

Doors have been painted since these photos as well, so all that is left is the signage then it can go away for a few weeks until our pirate phase falters.

Unless our next gaming distraction goes further out west and those pesky cowboys come to a very different looking town.

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