Finishing Touches And New Ideas 

After such a productive time I am starting to wain again.  The last batch off the painting table are great.  I am very pleased with the armoured division that now supports my naval force.  I will have to put up a page for these guys as they deserve their own place as my first completed ‘large army’ since starting this blog.

I say completed, but I still have lots of unfinished and undercoated figures to add to the force.  Completed in this case means fully playable, with extra options.

I have what could be called a sizeable force.  More than can be fielded in an average game.  I would say that that is something quite astounding by my standards.

As I briefly pause to reflect on my Steam Wars painting spree I can see what should be next up on my ‘painting’ queue.

I finished this small shop recently, but it left me thinking it needed something more before I could call it done.  That something turned out to be signage…

I have decided to try making my own decals…

The images above are test prints on plain paper. They give a good impression of the size if not the colours that will be used.  I suspect that the final items will not be far off from what is shown.  I may need to add a sign board to the hotel, but the awning and parking sign are meant to be painted on canvas or brick, so will have the details behind, left to show through…  As the Decal paper I have is A4 in size I might need to get a few more designs lined up before I finalise my images and print them out.

So, what else do I have that needs a sign or image printing on it.  Anyone know a good source of Martian tripod markings?

Wish me luck.  I will update my progress when I get the first test prints completed.

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