Pirate Ships. The Grand Plan. 

So, the pirate theme continues although Salute always distracts us and points our radar in another direction (you will need to wait just a little while to see what Salute brought me…)

I can tell you now that the postman brought me these beauties though.  Two large and brightly coloured pirate ships for that empty harbour of mine.

Playmobile ships are huge but not so huge as to be unusable.  Wide open decks and plenty of scope for a bit of a remodelling project.

I plan to raise the rear deck slightly and add some lower deck cannon ports so that they are usable in Coronasan’s, No Quarter, pirate ship games. Crows nests are a must too for sharp shooters.

When these will be finished is no ones guess but they will feature as they are in a couple of games before they get cut about I suspect.


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