Pirate Ships. More Boats And Other Items. 

The more observant of you will have noticed these little boats a couple of posts ago.  When I introduced the larger pirate ships these were scattered about the harbour.

A couple have gone off to Coronasan as payment for services rendered and the remainder are left for me to plan a few conversions with.  I hope to use some as small gun boats that can be used to raid the coastlines of my harbour, while the larger ships stand off and bombard the shore.

Others will be static harbour scenery (old fishing vessels).

All are again Playmobile items and came with a range of extra gubbins…  Pallets and extra doors mainly which will be useful when converting the larger ships.

A few bits may not be quite so useful, but are likely to find their way into the bits box all the same.

Scale wise they are surprisingly good. They appear fit 3 pirates (or 4 men on smaller bases) per boat with room for a small cannon. I may need to sort the deck out so that the figures are more able to keep their feet but that shouldn’t be too hard.

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