Salute 2017. 

As I have stated before, Salute in London is one of those shows we always tend to try to attend, and usually sets us on a new path.  This us most likely due to the number of new releases that various companies try to time to coincide with this show.

This years show seemed slightly less well supported. The crowds of people were just as big but a couple of names we expected to see were missing from the trader lists.  One company that was in attendance was TTCombat.  This is the manufacturing arm of The Troll Trader, a large wargame store based in Cornwall but with a heavy internet presence.  Under the TT brand they produce some very reasonable MDF terrain and had a few items I had been waiting to pick up.

These bus shelters were not on my list but came home with me all the same.

They are a great example of what TTCombat are trying to do with added textures and designs that are a mix of traditional MDF, card stock and Perspex.  I have built many MDF kits over the years and have usually painted them when completed.  I now find myself having to plan these builds, as the added levels of detail often mean that I have to paint more and more of them before I put them together.

I haven’t bought many figures at salute in the last 3 years but this year that changed.  These Lead adventure divers are perfect for my Steam Wars Navy force and the mechanics are likely to get used for a number of eras.

Scenery always gets noticed, especially when it is a novel idea like control panels.  These kits look like they might be more difficult to put together than I initially suspect as the control surfaces are likely to need some detailed attention and again the inclusion of Perspex parts means any sprayed layers are likely to need doing before construction starts.

These however need no construction and will be just as challenging in their detail painting.

These two Lead Adventure figures should fit anything from Steam Wars to Rogue Stars.

On the theme of Rogue Stars, these are Northstar figures and designed by them especially for the game itself.

Keeping with the Animal or Alien theme Hasselfree launched the next two figures just before Salute so were fresh in my mind.  Steve is an evolved Duckbilled Platipus

And the Chipster is their great little humanoid bulldog.  Both figures are perfectly cast and well modelled. The only down side is that I suspect I will not do them justice with my painting.

I did pick up some more bits from Salute, including a large bag of figures from Black Scorpion Miniatures, but that can wait until I find time to post again…

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