Pirates From Other Places. 

I have been selling some items for a friend recently (good old eBay) as he has less time to game and has collected more ‘toys’ than anyone I know (well, maybe Coronasan can match him…)

In the on-going clear out of Veganman’s collection, I have been given these guys to sell.  However, I am hard pressed to sell things I might find a use for…

With a need for pirate crewmen, and two pirate ships to complete, adding painted pirates to the collection would allow me to focus on the ships without having to worry about where the next pirate crew is coming from.  I also think my 17 new pirates are likely to need reinforcing if Coronasan’s explanation of crew size in No Quarter is anything to go by.

Some may find their way to eBay, as these undead pirates are not present in large enough numbers to man a ship by themselves.

The remainder would reinforce my existing pirate collection and add enough men to my new Black Scorpion pirates to fully man a ship.  Many of these painted lads are the older metal Black Scorpion casts.

It would also add a number of musket men to the ranks so that those crows nests can be used to their fullest extent…

Do I need to convince myself any further?

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