Steam Wars – New Units For Next Game

A final draft of Steam Wars has again been created by Coronasan. So, happily, it is playtest time again.  I have a large Steam Navy force that serves me for this game but it remains unfinished at present.  As I pick up bits along the way and add units here and there the painting queue for this army seems to become quite static.

I have decided though, that as Coronasan has completed three armies for Steam Wars in the same amount of time, I shall try to get the Navy completed. If I get that done, I can then better focus on the Martian Invasion Force that I have also started for Steam Wars.

These painted Rollerbots are the product of that decision so far.  The first two were done at the start of the Navy project and I ran them as vehicles at first.  They are small figures for vehicles and had weak profiles.  They also took up a vehicle slot each in the army, which didn’t help either.

I plan to run them as a form of heavy cavalry (or bikers) in the next game.  That way they stay fast like vehicles but will use up an infantry slot (elite troops).

I have three light antitank bots and two HMG bots.  In Steam Wars, unit size is dictated by wounds (max 6 wounds to a unit). Therefore, as each will be profiled with two wounds, three bots will be the unit size.  I could do with one more of these models to give me the option to field them as a variety of different three bot unit configurations.

The figures are from The Lead Adventure Miniature range and the only one left, that I don’t have, is armed with a rocket launcher.  Maybe that’s the one to finish the set.

For our playtest session I plan to use a second new unit.  This time its some specialist heavy infantry.  They are coming along nicely at the moment.  More on those later…

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