A Couple More 1970’s Computers

I recently completed a small Power Console that I picked up at Salute.  This proved to be a simple kit but taught me a few things about planning and pre painting parts.  At that time I also picked up a Computer Console and a Cooling Panel.  These are a few of the Crooked Dice designs and are really nice cheap kits.

My Computer Console was almost a replica of the power console.  All the parts went together easily and, with the fore though to paint some parts before building, it all went together much easier than the first console.

The one part I had not planned for was the computer screens.  Silver foil and glass beads might have worked but I went with the usual multi directional graphite application that I use for windows!

Yep, that’s right, I coloured them in with a HB pencil!

The Cooling Panel was just as simple but the base of the tube box that sits to one side is oh so fragile when you take it off the MDF frame…  I broke a corner off on the first attempt but was able to refit the parts and get them whole again without too much fuss.

Its a great little set and there are others I have my eye on at the moment.  I think Coronasan picked up a Safe kit while he was at Salute so we now have a number of items to use as scenery or as objectives for our games.

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