Steam Wars – At Last, Some Of Those Rocketmen Get A Bit Of Love And Attention. 

About a year ago I ordered 10 of Pulp Figures Rocketeers from Bob Murch in Canada.  The range has been sold here in the UK by North Star for a while now but the Rocket Corps were not in their lists until quite recently.

Mine were based and undercoated and then placed in the painting queue early on but have held a place of shame for a while now.  They sit at the back of the paint table in full view every time I sit down to do something…  And there they stayed for 12 months.

They can be found lurking in the background of a large number of photos on this blog. Photos of other finished miniatures that have jumped their position the queue.

They have now had some long overdue love and attention.  Well, at least 5 of them have…

The original packs mix pistols and SMG armed troopers. The 2 packs I bought allow me to field either the mixed units, as packaged, or 2 units of 5 men, all with the same weapon.

This unit, planned for deployment in my next Steam Wars game, all carry SMGs. Hopefully allowing them to swoop in and deliver a hail of bullets to unsuspecting foemen.

It marks the continuation of my push to get all the US Steam Wars Navy force completed over the next couple of months.

I have never claimed to be a great painter but even I cannot fail to achieve a good finish when the figures start off as iconic and full of style as these guys do.

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