Steam Wars – Specialist Navy Fire Starters

More US Navy Steam Wars figures have been painted this week.  Only three new men have been drafted in this time but they represent reinforcements for my three existing units of Naval Ratings.

The miniatures are based on the Black Pyramid British Steam Lancer. I have made them into Naval Ratings with a simple head swap and pristine white uniform.

The steam weapon they carry could be a flame thrower or over sized gun of any sort really so I can profile them up in Steam Wars in a number of ways.  My units of Naval Ratings lack any form of close combat or assault weapons so this adds an extra element to the unit and offers me the chance to bring them up to the max 6 wounds allowed in the rules.

Next up should be a couple of units of Naval Ratings in Sennit hats. I plan to play these guys as a couple of units of Naval Marines. The units are each led by an officer and carry a selection of rifles. I get the feeling that they need a specialist of some sort to join them.  Someone with a heavier weapon, or bit of special equipment of some sort, but I need to get back on to the Black Pyramid website to find a suitable chap that will fit in with the finished unit.

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