Steam Wars – Navy Marine Corps

A week or so ago, these guys were supposedly the next in line for some paint.  The arrival of a flight stand and its effects on my painting focus has delayed their start.  Ten chaps in total and planned as the Navy Marine Corps arm of the force, they have been started now at least.

A newer expansion to Black Pyramids range of Navy troopers. I wanted to build a few, cheap, core units for Steam Wars and these chaps fit that place well.  The largest effective unit in Steam Wars is 6 wounds. These five, one wound, chaps leave me space for a specialist of some sort to be added in later.

A simple white paint job and some sand bases allow them to stay very like the rest of the force.  A dash of colour to their trousers makes them stand out as slightly different from their Naval Rating companions.

My current Navy Figure count stands at well over 50 figures with assorted support weapons and crew.

I feel a group shot coming on…

(Then I probably need to do a group shot of the unpainted stuff for this force to bring me right back down to earth!)

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