Steam Wars – Balloon Or Ships Crew

Just a quick post today.  These three chaps were added as a last minute addendum to my most recent army list.  We managed to plan a larger game so that we could get all our currently completed fliers out on a table.  All those craft needed crew.

Made by Pulp Figures and some truly excellent sculpts as usual.  Some figures are made so well that they are always much easier and more enjoyable to paint than so many others.

As they will not be profiled in the game and so that they are not confused with any of the real units I have based them on very small round MDF discs (these are for flavour only and wont be on the table for anything but visual effect).  This also allows them to be placed on parts of the vehicles where other figures cannot fit in.

One will be used as hot air balloon crew, another will get to drive my small hover launch. The last will become captain of the Pride of America, the new Navy flagship.

It may have been planned as a playtest game for the expanded flyer rules but was always just going to be a flying fest for us to indulge in.

Pictures of that game will follow soon…

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