Steam Wars – Navy Backlog And More

So, as I take a brief pause in Steam Wars painting, its time to look at what is left to be done.

Pretty much everything is undercoated, 2 Ironclad transports are the largest land based vehicles, a bit of artillery and some gun/ targeting drones should be quite quick to finish.  The second Gyrocopter wont be to hard either.

The Ironclad Submarine will likely be last on the list but also easy to finish.  More deck gunners are lurking at the back and a Gatling gun might be soon to be done.

HMLS Gladstone was purchased as the first item for the force and at this rate might be last painted as I just find it less appealing than a lot of other bits.  Only a couple of units of infantry are left with just a few heroes to add in as well.

Then I can get properly started on the Martians…  Six tripods await.

Along with a horde of low tech infantry and assorted cephalopod troopers and armoured suits.

3 thoughts on “Steam Wars – Navy Backlog And More”

  1. Ooh, just found this! Steam wars! I like the mix of stuff you’ve got happening/planned! I have a long-planned desire (and box of unpainted bits to accompany it) to move my historical 19th Century armies across to steam tech, but in 20mm. So I’ll be watching your progress and hopefully be inspired!
    Great stuff,
    P.S. Can you now give yourself +1 point by replying to this, since it’s about stuff on your 2018 list? I think maybe you can!


    1. Nice to have you along. Steam Wars is a great little, player written, rule set. Head on over to Coronasan’s Loft Full of Lead if you haven’t been there yet.
      If you want to be able to port over any figures to a game and profile them up as ‘what you see is what you get’ then it is perfect. I have the Navy with flying boats as you will have seen. But, if I ever get round to it, the Martians will be there too. Everything from Tripods to Cephalopods to brain scrubbed desert nomad troopers. Enough work to get me right back to positive scoring by summer… I hope…

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      1. You’re a bad influence, as I’ve now signed up to follow loft full of lead as well! Mmmmm, Martians! Oh, wait, I’m maybe getting confused with marshmallows! No, worryingly, I’m not! I’ll definitely be following your progress with interest!


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