Dragon Rampant – Painting Challenge Week Two – Day One

So the end of week one shows I didn’t get much done.  Three large Scibor snails are now done and based.  Simple paint jobs but in line with the other units in the army.  All my snails and worms are base coated with a desert yellow then coloured by an Army Painter rotting flesh paint with a number of washes to warm the tone from green to brown.  GW’s Reikland Fleshshade finishes the job then teeth and details are picked out.

Bases are in GW’s Martian Ironearth with cork pieces and some yellow static grass.  Like I say, simple paint jobs, so they shouldn’t be taking me this long.

The Reaper Bones great worms were almost finished earlier in the week and only needed bases doing to complete them.  Again no real excuse other than ‘real life got in the way’ for these taking to the end of the week to finish off.

I need to get this army finished, if I can, as I am off on holiday soon and would like to see it done before then.  Not likely to happen if this slow pace keeps up.

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