Dragon Rampant – Finished Army

So, I’m back from a couple of weeks of holiday.  My lasting memory is of a lovely set of sunburned knees. Nice…

When I left the shed I had failed to get the remaining small snails and small worms done for the Dragon Rampant Facebook Painting Challenge.

So, first things first, Small Snails – DONE

These are nice figures to paint with good clear details and little that isn’t well defined and easily picked out.

Next up, Small Worms – DONE

Four of these six were spray painted Reaper Bones…  They remained sticky all through my holiday and were likely never to set.  The remaining two I chose to base coat by hand.  Once painted over they all appear the same but I will see in a couple of weeks if that remains the same.

Simple to paint and with the white on the mandibles they stand out nicely when mixed in with the other small worms I have used.

  • Mother Of Worms – Greater Warbeast – Burrowing – Reduced unit – 8pts
  • Large Worms – Heavy Riders – Burrowing – Reduced unit – 6pts
  • Large Snails – Heavy Riders – Reduced unit – 4pts
  • Small Snails – Heavy Foot – Offensive – Full unit – 6pts
  • Plague Zombies – Elite Foot – Full Unit – 6pts
  • Small Worms – Bellicose Foot – Burrowing – Full unit – 6pts
  • TOTAL – 36pts

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