Warhammer 40,000 – Dragon Rampant Army Gains The Mark Of Nurgle

I have a small army sat in the shed at the moment that happens to fit two genres at the moment.  It was planned as a Dragon Rampant 30 point army that was themed on worms and snails (with a bit of creative thinking).

Today though it is a Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Daemon army which has the Mark Of Nurgle.  I just happen to have 30 smaller figures, mainly worms and snails but including 6 infected men. That’s a unit or two of Plague Bearers.  A few larger snails, they can be Heralds of Nurgle.  A huge worm, obviously a Greater Daemon.  I have added onto the Dragon Rampant force by including a large plague figure from Mantic Games as a Daemon Prince. Finally, a large unit of 20 Pox walkers (currently the only unit that is represented by the correct models) rounds off the force.

Its currently coming in at about 50-60 power and very unlikely to be well balanced or effective in this format.  It does however, let me get into playing more games, and that in itself will help me better understand the specific rules that our recent Space Marine Vs Space Marine games have missed out.

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