Warhammer 40,000 – Real Daemons Of Nurgle

My Dragon Rampant force is a good solid start to my Nurgle force but you knew I would not hold out long before buying more stuff for it.  In this instance I found a good cheap deal on a Start Collecting box and just thought that it must be fate.

Plague Bearers and Nurglings are always useful, if only to truly set the theme of the army.  This set of Plague Bearers I have made up with the command group any others I pick up along the way I will likely make up as a filler for the unit, so just to boost them up to 20 or 30 models.

I suspect a couple of Heralds of Nurgle will be guaranteed picks in the finished force, as Chaos Characters can summon my other Daemons onto the battlefield, meaning they don’t have to walk through a bullet storm to get to the enemy…

The box also contains a unit of Plague Drones, again I made these with full command, as I have a second set already, that I plan to use to bring the unit up to 6 miniatures.  I have no idea if these are any good or worth the points.

Finally, I now own two Foetid Bloat Drones. The first is made, and now undercoated, the second awaits my attention.  Slightly ‘off theme’ as its Nurgle but can be found in the Chaos Space Marine list of my Index not the Daemon section.  With both the Nurgle and Daemon keywords I am hoping some of the Daemon linked abilities may give these guys a boost.  If not, they are still likely to get used, as they will be one of the very few shooting units I can field.

Now, I must get some painting done…

3 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 – Real Daemons Of Nurgle”

    1. Just done a quick tally. Nurgle daemons are just shy of 100power. Nurgle space marines are at about 80power. I guess I have enough to take him on by himself. You might have trouble holding on to the objectives though! 😈


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