Warhammer 40,000 – Nurglings, Testing A Colour Scheme

Like a lot of people I suppose, I appreciate when I can get more than I expected for my money.  My girls just call me tight fisted but I like to think I am just being economical with my money.  I suspect I am not alone in making a box of Nurglings go that little bit further by putting less on each base.

I managed to get a box of Nurglings that were supposed to fill three bases (by adding any spare Nurglings from the sprues of other sets I had etc) to fill six bases.

Chuffed was me…

It does mean I have twice as many to paint up now so not all a big win.  The first base I painted up was done as a one off.  This was to see if I can get a quick and easy method together that I can then use on the remainder of the army.

It needs to be simple, quick and be a close match the Dragon Rampant army that makes up the other half of this force.  I spent too much time on extra washes and base colour variation when I painted that army.  I know I can get the same, or a similar effect, with 2 or 3 less parts to the process.

Nurglings done, and in half the time it took to do the older process.  Not a bad match and a slightly cleaner finish too (not that a Nurgle army wants to be clean…)

Now to replicate that 5 more times for the bases of Nurglings.  Only then will I have to start on the huge pile of Nurgle that seems to be building up at the back of the shed…

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