Warhammer 40,000 – Assimilating New Purchases To The Cause

I have been cracking on with the Nurgle force and added a few new fellows to the army.  This time its chaps from the Death guard legion.  I could hardly stay away from Space marines in a 40K force now could I (even if they are chaos space marines..?)

These are the older (and in my opinion nicer) sculpts, rather than the new Death guard plague marines from the new starter set.

These were a collection that I found on eBay, so are not my paint jobs.  By just changing the bases to fit in with my existing figures they have been inducted into the force.

Being particularly rugged units of 5 of these guys should be ok.  I may change that in time though as it might take me a game or two to see what works best.

This force has the potential to spiral out of control and I suspect I may end up with two Nurgle based armies.  Chaos space marines and Daemons.  It should allow me to mix and match though (that’s what I keep telling myself).

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