Warhammer 40,000 – Knights, Imperial And Renegade

I’ve been feeling slightly inadequate lately. Veganman turned up with a trio of Dread Knights and a host of Terminators to one game and Coronasan has wiped my army off the table with armies of teleporting dreadnoughts and assault cannons galore.  I feel slightly under gunned at times with just a land raider and some marines. Therefore I felt the need to rectify that with something a little more special.

As I play both Imperial and Chaos armies I wanted to make up some kits that could fulfil that need for both armies. So, I decided bigger is always better, and that I needed a knight for each force.  I didn’t fancy making two of the same model so one would have to be a bit different.  I am no great converter so most of the look would need to be already there in the base model.

Luckily GW does a nice big Nurgle beastie called the Glottkin.

After a chat with Wayne at my local GW store I was decided, and when I started on this kit I was surprised how easily it went together.  Half way through it looked a bit like a half eaten Easter egg though…

Its full of detail so had the look I wanted to bring to the force.

My worry was that if I varied the look by chopping bits off to replace with 40K era weapons I would lose some of its usefulness.  I have hopes of using this in a Dragon Rampant force as you might have guessed.

In the end I decided to leave most of it as is and to play it as a proxy calling its longer arm a melee weapon and its maw like shorter arm as a bile vomiting cannon.  It has figures to ride on its head but I will leave them as removeable and add in a 40K figure as a rider for when it appears in the Nurgle Chaos army.

A standard Imperial Knight that I found on a Bring and Buy sale at Colours recently will be the boost my imperial force needs.

If that wasn’t enough eBay supplied me with a sensibly priced Great Unclean One that will allow me to use my Mother of all Worms as a proxy for a different type of figure (Coronasan sorted me the stats for a Spined Chaos Beast that might fit the bill).

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