Dragon Rampant – Nurgle Vs Stunties

My Nurgle forces got an outing recently as a Dragon Rampant army against Coronasan’s freshly finished Dwarves of Tir-Na-Bor (They are all stunties to me).

A wing of Flying Light Riders fills one side of the table.

Bellicose Nurglings and a Greater War Beast form the strike force while Offensive Heavy Foot (Snails) and Offensive Light Foot (Worms) complete the force.

My Nurglings took a pounding from a mounted chariot cannon while everything else advanced.

Trying to use cover worked to a slight degree but Dragon Rampant makes you stay 3 inches away from other units so it makes you think more about unit positions and spreads you out for a lot of the game.

The Flies managed to evade and strike a few times before being caught in a retreat and wiped out to a man (or fly).

Worst played unit goes to the Nurglings who were useless when they got caught out in the open by a charge, but who also managed to recover and rout Coronasan’s elite armoured dwarf foot.

I fun game and a great excuse to get a few lesser fielded units on the table.

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