Warhammer 40,000 – Imperial Knight

So I have finished all that I plan to do with the ‘official’ Imperial Knight.  My renegade knight will be sat on the paint queue shelf for a while, as other things have been taking up my time of late.  This chap only got the simplest of paint jobs, so was quick and easy to complete.

The kit comes with enough decals to sink a ship, so painting simply was never going to be an issue. All those added colours and images give an extra something special to the look of the model that my paintbrush could never achieve.

I toyed with leaving him baseless as I prefer my vehicles to be that way as large bases always look odd.  After playing a game this way it proved he needed one to allow measurement and close combat to be easily worked out without argument.

On spray varnishing with GW purity seal the fabled frosting effect has again been a problem.  No matter what temperature or humidity I try to spray in I never get a clean layer using spray varnishes.  There must be an alternate method that does not involve brushwork.

I have used the simple basing method that is found on my other imperial forces but as the base was so large have added in some cork tile and cobble stone paper to break up the surface a little.  Overall a good model and I am happy with how it came out.


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