Warhammer 40,000 – Daemon Prince With Wings

Something I have been looking to doing for some time (ever since I read the rules in the Chaos Index) is adding wings to my proxy Daemon Prince.  The model is an old Mantic Games Plague figure from Deadzone.  As a Daemon Prince, with twin malefic claws, he has been very effective on the battlefield.  The option to add wings seems like a no brainer. With them he can charge into combat sooner, and avoid being shot at quite so much.

Coronasan recently ordered some items from a company in Eastern Europe named Wargames Exclusive.  These wings are in their range and are perfect for this conversion.

It has been a few years since I painted the original model and a cannot match the colours that were used as some have been discontinued.  So some repainting of both the original model and the wings was called for.

I think that it will take a further coat of ink to the model, in its finished state, before the old and new parts are sufficiently blended to my satisfaction. Even so, he is good to go as he is, and will be flying in to a game real soon I suspect.


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