Warhammer 40,000 – A World Turning More Yellow

My Space Marine army was painted so long ago that I cannot find a match for the original blue any longer.  A first few new figures were painted in a black, with grey edged drybrushing, but I don’t want the remainder of the new forces to be so dark.

Therefore, as a few of the scouts were already undercoated for a yellow based camouflage, I have decided to use this colour to get the remaining units done.

First up is a Dreadnought donated to the cause by Coronasan.  I have quite a few weapon options for this chap so he should be quite versatile when he is completed.

An old Rhino, that is unlikely to be used in 8th edition, is due to become a Razorback when I get a few weapon options sorted for it.  A couple of other spare figures also crept under the spray can this time too.

This Forgeworld Landspeeder Tempest has been lounging in a drawer for a few years now.  That was until a bath in Dettol stripped off the original blue basecoat and second black spray that the seller had used to hide a terrible paintjob before putting it on ebay.  Those two coats had obscured all its details when I bought it.  After stripping, it was resprayed in the chapter colours and is ready to be painted.

All in all the paint queue has all of a sudden gotten much longer…  Wish me luck!

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