Warhammer 40,000 – Something Nurgle This Way Comes

Some purchases are made because you plan and prep for an idea and build with a purpose.  Some purchases are just made because they are there and make you think ‘maybe that will be useful at some point’.

This purchase was made because it was just so cheap I could not refuse.  Luckily it has a Nurgle-esque look about it so should be usable in the Dragon Rampant force if I cannot make it fit into my Death Guard force.  Its originally a Warmachine or Hordes figure but for the life of me I cant remember what its called.

I am thinking about using it as a proxy for a Heldrake (although, that said, Heldrakes are not actually in the Death Guard Codex…)

It came with a female fantasy rider but a Plague Marine rider shouldn’t be too hard to build.  Should it???

My bits box has recently been stripped of many of the chaos parts I would have usually used, so this first attempt is the legs of a Marine biker, a jump trooper torso and some Chaos Marine shoulders.  Hands and weapons will follow in time but this first build has him almost ready.

Base coats done, I wonder how long this one will sit in the pending queue.

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