Steam Wars – Steam Plane II

As I have had limited time in the shed lately and as a few games have had to be cancelled due to that thing called ‘real life’ I have been mostly pottering at the moment.

Ebay continues to add more clutter to the shed but a few bits get knocked together every so often to allow me to clear a few boxes away.

This little 1/48 scale biplane was a cheap kit I found on ebay.  Its such a simple design and easy build that it begs to be converted to a new Steam Wars plane for the US Navy force I have.

Armed with a machine gun it can act as air to air protection for the larger fliers that I have.

But with these small rockets (10 in the kit) it has a few more options up its sleeve.

I have to say that thanks to the continued kindness of John at Ironclad Miniatures I now have another pilot for use with this model.

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