Dust Tactics – Back In The Paint Queue

Dust Tactics (or Dust 1947) has come back to focus for us with what seems like the possibility of a game on our horizon it would seem.  We pulled a list of games together on the way back from a show recently.  Said list was all the games we loved but didn’t get to play often enough.  Dust was at the top of that list.

I have a great little USMC force that is fine as it is.  I happened to buy a few more units though (just to complete the set you know).

Those three units needed painting so that they could be used in the next game.

First completed are these ‘Mustangs’ who are the command unit of the USMC.  Next up will be a unit of ‘Hot Shots’ armed with recoilless rifles. Hopefully the last unit will also get done before we get that game played.  They will be the ‘force recon’ observer unit that will let me get the best out of my mortar unit.


2 thoughts on “Dust Tactics – Back In The Paint Queue”

  1. What color / brand of paint did you use for the marines uniforms? I tried to mix it and got close, but not quite.


    1. Yep. Had the same issue. Trawled around three or four game stores looking for a matching paint. No joy. Ended up mixing my own from an ancient pot of games workshop necrotic flesh with an artists FW prussian blue ink and army painter ash grey paint added drop by drop until it was close. Photos make them look ok. Close up, the mixed paint is a bit shiny next to the premium miniatures. Good enough for a game though. Bases are in (non crackled) army painter skeleton bone. Hope that helps. Good luck with the paint mixing. Let me know how they turn out.


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