Dust Tactics – Up To Date. Yes, I Am As Surprised As You Are…

So the last unit for my Dust Tactics Allies force has been completed.  These guys are ‘Force Recon’ and designed to act officially as artillery observers.

I suspect that with an MG and a bunch of Shotguns I will be tempted to use them in an anti infantry capacity more often than I remember to fire my mortar using their activation. A full unit throws 30 dice in attack (granted at only 20cm range).

Not sure why the ‘Sarg’ came out with an odd skin tone as he was done exactly as the others were.

I wonder if he had a rougher base coat or undercoat when I started him…  I may go back and darken him further by giving him an African skin tone to hide the difference.

Anyhow, that’s all my USMC painted at this point.

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