Gaslands – Delving In Old Boxes For New Ideas

So, Xmas is over and I have to admit that I have not achieved all that much in the shed for the whole of the holiday period.  I think I played one or two games but I have not been moved to pick up a paint brush for the last three weeks.

I have tidied up a bit…  I then made it all untidy again by moving all the left over snacks out of the house and into the shed (purely as an act of kindness to my womenfolk, who are all claiming to be dieting now…)

I have considered making New Years Resolutions…  Then disregarded the idea as it will just lead to failure…

But mostly I have been looking through old boxes…  Over the years I have had some great ideas.  Big and small they all find their way onto a dusty shelf or into a handy compartmented toolbox or ten.

As the pre-Xmas activity was all about Gaslands (Ospreys car wars like game) I have been digging out anything that might be a similar scale.  For a gamer that mainly focuses on 28mm wargames I can lay my hands on a surprising amount of 20mm(ish) stuff.

I am not altogether sure what the ‘official’ scale of Hot Wheels cars is but they match up with most things from 1/72 to 1/64 pretty well in my opinion.

I suspect that I am not that dissimilar to other gamers when I say that I have too often been ‘distracted’ from a project (lets say like collecting both sides for a 20mm Vietnam game) and found myself acquiring things, just because they might fit for a similar game.

In this case, while acquiring some 20mm supply trucks, for my US forces in Vietnam, I found myself buying 20mm Humvees in case I might be able to use them for a US in Iraq style game. Not that I have any 20mm modern infantry to use with them…

And of course when looking for Humvees you always see Landrovers…

At least I did more with the Landrovers than just put them in a box…

A couple of weapons that would do fine for Gaslands I think…

Useful things 5 amp fuses…

Quite why these were in the same box I will never know…

But this…  This has potential…  This should be good for my first War Rig (and its already looking like its been weathered!)

Lets not mention the fact I have about fifteen 1/72nd scale tanks.  I wonder if I can play a game of Gaslands with just tanks on both sides (a tabletop version of world of tanks anyone…)

I am pleased to mention we did get our first game of Gaslands in just after Xmas.  A simple affair, with minimal scenery, and only a few cars on the field.  We played a scaled back version of a death race mission.  I have to mention that my opponent, Veganman, managed to ram anything and everything in our first game.  Knocking out a number of cars even before we cleared the first gate.

In honour of that achievement I will be adding a Ram to the front of a car or two of my own before our next game.

I suspect that my next few weeks will be just as unproductive as I settle into the new year.  I do have a Dust Tactics game planned, and more Gaslands to look forward to, over the next week.

So that paintbrush looks like it is going to get ignored for a week or two longer at this point…

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