The New Year Plan – Scoring My Success And My First Amendment (Score So Far -1)

Coronasan has suggested that I give myself a score out of 10 at the end of spring to see how well I have managed to keep to the proposed plan…  Well, I suspect that score would be quite low, but in the true spirit of the thing I propose the following:

Not to score my success at the end of spring with a 1-10 score, but to keep a running tally!

  • +1 point for each time I post something that IS on the listed plan.
  • -1 point for each time I post something that is NOT on the plan.

If I manage to remain above zero in the end I will call this a success.


So, starting as I am sure I will go on, I present a Dust Tactics Fighter Bomber.

This was a model I bought on eBay.  Part painted and slightly worse for wear after its travels through the English mail system.  This has never been a major issue as our Royal Mail generally does a sterling job of getting things to me in one piece.  This one came boxed in what resembled an accordion on its arrival.  Someone tried really hard to flatten it to its thinnest.

Thankfully the seller did well to package it and only a few parts needed reattaching.  In my case it actually made it easier to complete the paint job.

A couple of areas just needed touching up and, as I liked the initial colour scheme, it only took me an hour or so to get it dome.  Getting the Perspex off the base so that I could spray it black and then reattaching it later may have taken just as long as the model itself.

I have to say, I am quite happy with the results, and as we are trying to get a game of Dust Tactics or two under our belts before the end of spring it will be useful to have it finished.

However, it was not on the list…  I already have twice as many points of painted Dust Tactics Allies (USMC) than I need to play a game, so I should have really left this alone and focused on ‘The Plan’.

Score for this post -1 point / Total score -1

2 thoughts on “The New Year Plan – Scoring My Success And My First Amendment (Score So Far -1)”

    1. All plans are great but only as long as they serve there purpose. Mine started to get tired as it felt that it was starting to generate more guilt than activity. I think I like more variety than purpose in my hobby these days. Feel free to steal the plan but make sure it brings you as much fun as function.


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