The New Year Plan – Progress Report – Dust Game Played (Score So Far 0)

So, although I lost a point by painting up a model that was not on my New Year Plan, today I get to win that point back again.  I am pleased to say that we recently played a game of Dust Tactics, a game we have neglected for about a year. (edit: In fact the last game I can find recorded on the blog was back in June 2016…)

I have not been out of love with this game, it remains one of my firm favourites, and we always seem to return to it with as much interest and enjoyment as when we started playing it. It is, in fact, one of the reasons Coronasan and I became reacquainted after a number of years in different gaming circles.

The plan was originally to get this game in before Xmas. With the holidays, and a number of ‘real life’ changes for both of us, we missed more than a couple of opportunities to get this played.  It actually resulted in me having time to paint up the last few units of my USMC force over the new year break (each cancelled game gave me a few extra hours of painting time).

My USMC managed to hold Coronasan’s Gorilla and Zombie heavy Axis force at bay and we settled on a draw in the end.

This game was one that we did propose for the New Year Plan so counts as a success for scoring purposes.  We hope to get another game of this in, in about 2 weeks time, so should win me some more points soon if all goes well…

Score for this post +1 point / Total Score 0

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