The New Year Plan – Wandering Off Plan Again (Score So Far 0)

I obviously need to wear blinkers in the shed.

While looking out the Boiler Suite Minions from the little stack of drawers at the back of the shed I found myself having to sort my way past other neglected projects that I had almost forgotten about.  I do wonder if I should inventory the old lead pile or just continue to ignore it.  Its a bit like having an embarrassing aunt and uncle that you have to invite to a wedding. You find yourself feeling obliged to go over and see how they are doing, but find yourself trying for the whole evening to avoid looking in their direction, just in case you make eye contact, hoping to try to put off the inevitable…

In my defence these figures fit the same purpose as the boiler suited minions in terms of fitting in to Fistful of Kung Fu. They maybe even slightly more suited to the role of Hollywood gangers than the boiler suited boys if I am honest.

Being Judge Dredd Juves they would be out of place without a couple of Sky Surfers to jazz them up a bit.  These guys got just as long spent on them as the boiler suited minions because the two surfers needed a bit of drilling and pinning to ensure they stayed together when painted.  I will undercoat them and then decide if they will go back in the drawer or get some paint.  At this point they are taking me back down the tally as they are definitely not on the list and if I decide to paint them I will need to work hard on completing something from the list to balance the tally again.


Score for this post -1 point / Total score 0

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